Here in the Rodhus office we have been planning and plotting our latest event under the banner – Our Future Creatives – the core of this project is to promote and enlighten folk about the viability of a career in the world of design and making…towards the end of last year we took part in World Skills Day supported by the Education Business Partnership  The successful event saw 1600 school leavers through the door (that’s a lot of Lynx and eyeliner) and so many were keen to take part in the activities we planned – fabric printing workshops with the lovely people from DeCasa, Pot throwing by Mr Gagliano, prop making with Lauren Pratt and engaging in a competition to design a dog accessory…this gave the chance to win a much converted iconic Onion Dog lamp by SKK lighting. Also up for grabs was one of of the Ruby Ruth Dolls from resident maker extraordinaire Jenny.  So it was a busy day, competition judging was fun – there were disappointingly few obscene drawings for a bunch of 15 to 17 year olds but the bar was set high by the ones we got.
Highlight of the day  for me was how engaging and interested so many of the students were ….for Richard I think it was that the kids called him Sir!
Wanting to build on this we joined forces with the Product Design Department at Brighton University and to cut a long story short by this time next week we will have set out our stall as part o the end of year shows
We researched a lot of designers and selected a group that we feel are a varied, engaging and inspirational bunch for our planned showcase. We hope it will be a story of inspiration to visitors but especially to the students about to graduate. I know at this point in my life I would have loved to see such a representation of those getting on with it in the real world.

Anyway we know Rodhus houses some of the great and good in design and we mixed in a few other shining stars from this fair city…we are very excited that our exhibitors this time are –

Dawson Denim, Ruby Ruth Dolls, Basically Design, Conran Paint, The Makers Atelier, Baines and Fricker and Brighton Gin.

We are also having custom stands built by the genial craftsman Tom Robinson….so all in all it feels like it is going to be a damn fine do….I’ll let you know – but at least for now you know the plan.

Next blog post will be about a very interesting project  one of Rodhus’ most recent residents has been working on.