Zara Wood


Image: Zara Wood

It is possible that you don’t know this yet but Richard Ainsworth has got more than a little involved with a new venture lead by the Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber felt it needed to access the huge creative congregation of Brighton and Hove and so the idea gather some momentum assisted by Richard.

It’s called the Creativehub (when did everything become a hub?) anyway that aside the initial meetings, a couple of which I have attended have been truly inspirational events with talks from successful creatives that make you want to rush out and get busy, a step back from our creative endeavours (however successful they might be) I am certain is a damn good idea.

The meetings are held at various venues around Brighton, and the 2 hour events costs £10. It is also an opportunity to meet liked minded souls, share notions and experiences…I believe it’s official title is networking!

If you head to the Chamber of Commerce website you can find all about the events and also the benefits of becoming a Chamber member if that takes your fancy too.

The next event which will be sponsored and facilitated by the chief of Rodhus towers and takes a look at the minefield that is Intellectual Property and what the hell you can do about it. Zara Wood, Brighton based illustrator, designer and lecturer will tell her tale. Also creative law expert Dean Marsh will be there to furnish you with valuable information about protecting your work.

Full details and booking here

And you are probably all aware of this organisation but it makes interesting reading to creatives with something worth protecting