gagliano 2 x pots

Our very own Pottery Gagliano is opening its doors in this year’s Artists Open Houses and visitors are in for a special treat.
This working and teaching ceramic studio has long been known by the resident working potters and students alike as a dynamic and creative work space where anything is possible.
This May, Roberto Gagliano would like to extend a warm welcome to all visitors to his studio where he and his fellow potters will showcase their latest production.
Roberto’s own pots will take centre stage and I defy anyone not to be awe inspired by their balance and beauty, not to say dumbstruck by their sheer size. Decades of throwing experience and century-old Sicilian ceramic tradition lie behind the apparent ease in which he creates these beauties.
Alongside Roberto’s classic pots, Tom Peterson in offering his own take on “the bottle” in his elegant stoneware fired pedestal vases which are already proving to be a big hit among lovers of ceramics.
In contrast to Roberto and Tom’s thrown pots, Claire Dines’ work is entirely hand-built, and the vessel or sculptural forms are either fired as naked raku or to stoneware temperatures.
The pots by all these potters should ideally be touched and held but all can be viewed in the front studio.
In the main studio, Roberto has offered the opportunity to many local artists to show and promote their own work. On display will be: paper-art by rarebit design; jewellery by Abigail Fetherstonaugh, Thomas Clarke and Martylu; photographs by Irene Todaro; mosaic designs by Marcella Todaro; and landscapes by painter Eril Nisbett.

With its relaxing working studio atmosphere and the quality and variety of the art on offer, this is one Artist Open House you don’t want to miss.

Studio Gagliano Pottery – @ rodhus studios, 16-30 Hollingdean Road, Brighton, BN2 4AA

The Artist Open Houses run from May 2nd – open all weekends throughout May. Vase 2Torso Claire Dines