Random Lights 5

Inga -Lill Aker is the designer/making behind Random Lights, basing her business at Rodhus for the past  2 years.

Utilising the finest of wood veneers Inga produces statement ligthshades that look beautiful unlit but once illuminated they really come into there own -casting beautiful shapes in light

Growing up in Norway Inga was immersed from a young age in pure Scandinavian design. she spent much time on building sites where her family constructed timber houses, her love for the traditional crafts she learnt would embed themselves in her future pursuits.

Minamalist, organic form and function are at the core of her work. Inga makes each piece by hand. Commissions, contract and private orders are dispatches worldwide.

Random lights 1

For more information take a look at here http://randomlights.com/