Calais 2015

Calais 1

Calais 2

I think it is fair to say that the general work of the Rodhus residents has an element of joy in its production. This project however was probably a privileged insight…but  the content is of pure human desperation.

Rodhus resident Miguel Amortegui took it upon himself to contribute to the awareness of what existence people are enduring in Calais at the moment

Immersing himself, he wanted to document the truth of the situation in images, the stories he returned with are shocking and heartbreaking.

The people there understandably wary of having their photograph taken, not only as a matter of pride but because they are aware of the face recognition technology that could hinder their pending applications to secure a safe  future for themselves and their families.

It was good to here that his work has been published by Dazed and Confused. You can see it here…

and more about Miguel and the film and photography he does here…




Creative Space

Lauren tree


Rodhus regulars will have noticed the aroma of chocolate this week, not as usual from our resident chocolatier (I’m sure Jeff would detect the difference in chocolate quality) but from Lauren and her team – this time using the space to create a chocolate tree.

I met Lauren when we worked together at World Skills Day and have been following her work since then. Her CV is impressive – working on diverse theatre and TV productions as an art director, prop maker and in costume design and production.

The tree  was for the YBFs awards which were held at Tate Britain this week…not a bad venue to showcase your work.

I look forward to seeing what Lauren creates next time. If you want to find out more take a peak here



Learn all about it….I.P

Zara Wood


Image: Zara Wood

It is possible that you don’t know this yet but Richard Ainsworth has got more than a little involved with a new venture lead by the Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber felt it needed to access the huge creative congregation of Brighton and Hove and so the idea gather some momentum assisted by Richard.

It’s called the Creativehub (when did everything become a hub?) anyway that aside the initial meetings, a couple of which I have attended have been truly inspirational events with talks from successful creatives that make you want to rush out and get busy, a step back from our creative endeavours (however successful they might be) I am certain is a damn good idea.

The meetings are held at various venues around Brighton, and the 2 hour events costs £10. It is also an opportunity to meet liked minded souls, share notions and experiences…I believe it’s official title is networking!

If you head to the Chamber of Commerce website you can find all about the events and also the benefits of becoming a Chamber member if that takes your fancy too.

The next event which will be sponsored and facilitated by the chief of Rodhus towers and takes a look at the minefield that is Intellectual Property and what the hell you can do about it. Zara Wood, Brighton based illustrator, designer and lecturer will tell her tale. Also creative law expert Dean Marsh will be there to furnish you with valuable information about protecting your work.

Full details and booking here

And you are probably all aware of this organisation but it makes interesting reading to creatives with something worth protecting

well look who it is

ruby ruth 1

Elle Jenny


Such a pleasure to see the work of 2 Rodhus residents in one of my favourite magazines. The work of Jenny – creator of Ruby Ruth Dolls getting much deserved recognition in full colour on page 39 of this months Elle Decoration with  images by the super talented Alun Callender.




The Things We Do

Uni 1

Firstly a very big thank you to Dare Studio, Brighton Gin, Dawson Denim, Stephen Gambie, Conran, Baines and Fricker and The Makers Atelier for providing amazing exhibits and to Mr Tom Robinson for building the display.

For those who haven’t been paying attention these good and talented people lent us a product that defined their brand to show under the umbrella of Our Future Creatives, the core of OFC is to inspire and deliver practical advice and information for those looking at careers in the creative industries. We have been working with the University over the past few weeks co-ordinating an exhibition which we wanted to inspire a new generation of designers.

Exhibits clearly defined the high standard of design, production, innovation and presentation that is required in a tough home grown market to be successful and buoyant…it did indeed prove food for thought to the students I spoke to…so a tick in the box of achieving what we set out to do.

For those who just like the pictures here are the beautiful results.

Uni 2 uni 4 uni 3 z


Exactly what has been going on



Here in the Rodhus office we have been planning and plotting our latest event under the banner – Our Future Creatives – the core of this project is to promote and enlighten folk about the viability of a career in the world of design and making…towards the end of last year we took part in World Skills Day supported by the Education Business Partnership  The successful event saw 1600 school leavers through the door (that’s a lot of Lynx and eyeliner) and so many were keen to take part in the activities we planned – fabric printing workshops with the lovely people from DeCasa, Pot throwing by Mr Gagliano, prop making with Lauren Pratt and engaging in a competition to design a dog accessory…this gave the chance to win a much converted iconic Onion Dog lamp by SKK lighting. Also up for grabs was one of of the Ruby Ruth Dolls from resident maker extraordinaire Jenny.  So it was a busy day, competition judging was fun – there were disappointingly few obscene drawings for a bunch of 15 to 17 year olds but the bar was set high by the ones we got.
Highlight of the day  for me was how engaging and interested so many of the students were ….for Richard I think it was that the kids called him Sir!
Wanting to build on this we joined forces with the Product Design Department at Brighton University and to cut a long story short by this time next week we will have set out our stall as part o the end of year shows
We researched a lot of designers and selected a group that we feel are a varied, engaging and inspirational bunch for our planned showcase. We hope it will be a story of inspiration to visitors but especially to the students about to graduate. I know at this point in my life I would have loved to see such a representation of those getting on with it in the real world.

Anyway we know Rodhus houses some of the great and good in design and we mixed in a few other shining stars from this fair city…we are very excited that our exhibitors this time are –

Dawson Denim, Ruby Ruth Dolls, Basically Design, Conran Paint, The Makers Atelier, Baines and Fricker and Brighton Gin.

We are also having custom stands built by the genial craftsman Tom Robinson….so all in all it feels like it is going to be a damn fine do….I’ll let you know – but at least for now you know the plan.

Next blog post will be about a very interesting project  one of Rodhus’ most recent residents has been working on.

Summer 2014 @ Pottery Gagliano!!

For the first time Pottery Gagliano have opened their doors this summer to those with some practical experience in a ceramics studio. These will not be teaching sessions, the open studios are meant for those that have some experience with clay  and are happy to work independently on their own projects.

To see what is on offer follow visit

They look forward to seeing you at the studio this summer!!


Pottery Pic

PRESS RELEASE – Gagliano Pottery – Open House @ rodhus SPRING 2014!

gagliano 2 x pots

Our very own Pottery Gagliano is opening its doors in this year’s Artists Open Houses and visitors are in for a special treat.
This working and teaching ceramic studio has long been known by the resident working potters and students alike as a dynamic and creative work space where anything is possible.
This May, Roberto Gagliano would like to extend a warm welcome to all visitors to his studio where he and his fellow potters will showcase their latest production.
Roberto’s own pots will take centre stage and I defy anyone not to be awe inspired by their balance and beauty, not to say dumbstruck by their sheer size. Decades of throwing experience and century-old Sicilian ceramic tradition lie behind the apparent ease in which he creates these beauties.
Alongside Roberto’s classic pots, Tom Peterson in offering his own take on “the bottle” in his elegant stoneware fired pedestal vases which are already proving to be a big hit among lovers of ceramics.
In contrast to Roberto and Tom’s thrown pots, Claire Dines’ work is entirely hand-built, and the vessel or sculptural forms are either fired as naked raku or to stoneware temperatures.
The pots by all these potters should ideally be touched and held but all can be viewed in the front studio.
In the main studio, Roberto has offered the opportunity to many local artists to show and promote their own work. On display will be: paper-art by rarebit design; jewellery by Abigail Fetherstonaugh, Thomas Clarke and Martylu; photographs by Irene Todaro; mosaic designs by Marcella Todaro; and landscapes by painter Eril Nisbett.

With its relaxing working studio atmosphere and the quality and variety of the art on offer, this is one Artist Open House you don’t want to miss.

Studio Gagliano Pottery – @ rodhus studios, 16-30 Hollingdean Road, Brighton, BN2 4AA

The Artist Open Houses run from May 2nd – open all weekends throughout May. Vase 2Torso Claire Dines

ARTISTS OPEN HOUSES! rodhus artists NEWS! NEWS! MAY 2014

It’s almost that time again and I’m delighted to bring you news of several rodhus artists and makers who are doing their thing as part of the world famous Artists Open Houses event – kicking off at the start of May –

Number one on the Beyond The Level trail is Elaine Bewley’s Freehold Studio – installation work and sculpture and if it’s anything like last year certainly not to be missed!

Also on the Beyond The Level trail is 37 Park Crescent, where you will find some stunning glass work by rodhus artist David Graham.

Studio Pottery Gagliano open their studios at rodhus for the first time – work by Roberto Gagliano, Tom Peterson, Claire Dines and more besides

More news about this to follow soon!


Feb 2014 – Open House news TBC

Festival time seems a bit of a way off and it’s still cold and dark but it won’t be long until May and we will be bringing you news of some exciting open house exhibitions happening here at rodhus – stay tuned!